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What Lock Type Should I Select for My Lockers?...

We offer a range of different lock options with our lockers. The choice of which lock type to select is often not straight forward - different lock types are appropriate to different user groups and the ultimate choice is often a compromise.

Schools may prefer one type of lock for their pupils, but increasingly new school sports facilities are dual use and an alternative lock type may be preferred for the community users. The choice facing site owners is often either a compromise solution or different banks of lockers for use by the different user groups (space permitting).

We have set out below some of the considerations of the different options available, but please contact us for a fuller discussion should you require help deciding on the best lock type solution for your needs:

Lock Types Available

  1. Hasp Lock (also known as a "latch lock")
    This lock is effectively just a simple catch or latch into which a padlock is inserted to secure the compartment.
  2. Cam Lock
    This lock is a simple key operated lock. Users are free to remove the key and replace at will with no access restrictions.
  3. Coin / Token Return Lock
    This lock requires the user to insert a coin (usually a £1 coin) or a token ("€1 coin") to release the key. The action of re-inserting the key releases the coin or token back to the user.
  4. Coin / Token Retain Lock
    This is similar to a coin return lock, but when the coin is released it drops into a coin box to be collected by the site owner as revenue - i.e. a charge for using the locker is levied on each usage
  5. Digital Combination Lock
    Powered by two AA batteries this lock does away with the need to carry keys or to remember to bring a coin with you. Available in two modes - public or private - to suit the needs of your facility

Hasp Lock (also known as a "latch lock")

  • The cheapest of the different lock options (excluding the cost of the required padlocks)
  • Users do not have to have £1 coin on them to use the locker
  • Users can use combination padlocks so keys do not have to be carried - ideal for children going to play sport without needing somewhere to keep their keys
  • Lockers can be kept out of action by users putting their own padlocks on the lockers to keep as "their" personal locker - and bolt cutters are therefore required to reclaim the locker by the site owner
  • No incentive for users to return the locker to use
  • Users have to provide their own padlocks or padlocks have to be made available / sold by the site owner
Hasp Lock
Ideal Uses

Hasp locks are very popular for school sites without dual / community use, especially when used in conjunction with combination padlocks. The main benefits are that keys do not have to be carried by pupils participating in sport and pupils do not have to be relied upon to carry £1 coins with them (or the PE teacher does not have to keep a supply of £1 coins to lend to forgetful pupils). The school often provides a combination to each pupil with a deposit paid for its safe return at the end of the school year.

In non-school situations such as health clubs, the sale or rental of combination padlocks to members or guests can provide an additional source of income to the site owner.

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Cam Lock

  • A cheap and simple locking solution
  • Users free to access lockers without having to remember a coin or their own padlock
  • No access restrictions or incentives to return keys - unscrupulous users could keep their "own" locker and not return the key
  • Malicious users could lock all the locks and remove the keys from site (master keys do allow access but new keys would need to be purchased)
Cam Lock
Ideal Uses

Cam locks are very popular in trusted environments such as schools or members clubs where the risk of malicious or unscrupulous use is low. Often in schools a member of staff controls access to the keys to control usage.

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Coin / Token Return Lock

  • Easily understood by users. This is by far the most popular lock choice
  • Users incentivised to return their keys to recover their £1
  • Any misuse (e.g. key retained overnight) can be "punished" by retention of the £1
  • Users are required to have a (£1 coin) or a token ("€1 coin") on them to use the lockers (which is sometimes considered to be an issue on a school site)
  • Users have to carry a key (potentially a problem if going outside to play football or rugby - a problem resolved by hasp locks)
Coin Lock
Ideal Uses

The universal solution. Often chosen as the ideal compromise between different lock types when faced with different user groups. This is normally therefore used in schools which also have dual use facilities, and is the lock type most expected to be encountered by users.

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Coin / Token Retain Lock

  • Benefits of coin return locks but with the added benefit of revenue generation
  • Potentially seen as unfair - for example users returning to collect a towel or to collect a forgotten item would lose their first £1 and have to pay twice.
  • Locks are the most expensive option
  • Member of staff has to empty the lockers periodically (and before any locker's coin retain box becomes full)
Coin Lock
Ideal Uses

In sports centres or leisure centres that need the benefits of a coin lock that also intend to generate revenue from locker provision. Particularly suited to a high volume usage site.

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Digital Combination Lock

  • No need for users to carry keys or to remember to bring a coin
  • Master code access available to all locks
  • Public mode - enter any number twice and that will open the lock once - ideal for spas or swimming pools
  • Private mode - code allocated to a specific user which continues to lock and unlock the lock - ideal for schools or workplace
  • Easy for users to "hog" a locker - but an auto-unlock time delay feature is available
  • Batteries need replacing (but only after 80,000 cycles)
Digital combination lock
Ideal Uses

Great for all facilites - no need for users to look after keys and no need for staff to constantly provide change for a coin lock. In public mode perfect for spas, hotels, gyms where users will use different lockers on each visit. In private mode perfect for schools where one pupil is allocated a specific locker.


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