• Why choose Continental to hire gymnastics equipment?

    Because we provide quality equipment, with FIG approval and certification where applicable.  We provide vastly experienced technicians who have installed and supervised the equipment at events from local gymnastics displays through to World Championships.

    The technicians look after the equipment during the event and assist with adjustments and alterations as required by gymnasts and their coaches.

    In case of the highly unlikely event of any breakage of high bar steel bars, asymmetric bar rails or parallel bar rails our technicians always have a range of spares on hand to ensure your competition can continue without delay.

    All the above reasons are why we have been the Competition Apparatus Supplier to British Gymnastics for many years and we were awarded a multi-year contract to provide equipment to all BG events for Artistic Gymnastics, Sports Acrobatics, Team Gym and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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  • What equipment is available for hire?

    We provide all the apparatus, mats and floor areas for men's and women's artistic gymnastics, sports acrobatics, Team Gym and rhythmic gymnastics.

    We also have a range of safety mats, exercise mats and traditional equipment such as vaulting boxes for events such as photo shoots, displays and special purpose safety requirements.

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  • What will it cost?

    We price each hire on a bespoke basis.  The cost is primarily related to the following:

    • The time taken to load and unload the equipment at our factory and your venue
    • The number of technicians required
    • The number and type of vehicles required
    • The driving distance and time from our factory in Huddersfield
    • The timing of set-up and breakdown
    • The duration of the event

    Please note that our quoted prices require you to organise assistance for our technicians during the set-up and breakdown.  If the agreed assistance is not provided at set-up, our technicians will not undertake the set-up.  If the agreed assistance is not provided at breakdown you will be charged a penalty rate to cover the additional work.

    Typically we require you to provide a minimum of six volunteers or leisure centre staff to assist with the set-up and breakdown for a full Artistic Gymnastics event.  You are responsible for any necessary insurance cover for the volunteers you organise.

    If your event requires that our technician(s) must stay overnight suitable hotel accomodation is to be provided and paid for by you.

    Additional charges apply for any event requiring a late night return to our factory, or any event requiring additional rest hours as a result of compliance with HGV driving hours regulations.

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  • How do I arrange a quotation?

    Please contact us using this general enquiry form to submit a quotation request.

    So that we can caclulation a quotation we need you to state the following in your enquiry:

    • The equipment you require
    • The dates of the event
    • The time you want the equipment to be ready for use at your venue
    • The approximate finishing time of the event
    • The address of the venue

    Please bear in mind that some events are booked well in advance (many British Gymnastics events are pre-booked more than a year in advance) so although we stock a large quantity of equipment and have several teams of technicians it may not always be available for the dates you require.  We therefore suggest that you check availability before confirming your event, and ideally provide a selection of possible dates so that we have the best chance of having availability.

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  • I have received your quotation and wish to proceed. What do I do now?

    Please reply to the email to which the quotation was attached with a confirmation of your acceptance and please state the following additional information:

    • A name and address for our Acknowledgement of Order
    • A name and address for our invoice (which may or may not be the same as the above)
    • The full address of the venue
    • An email address, name and mobile telephone number for the organiser
    • The name of the event

    On receipt of this confirmation and additional information we will post you an Acknowledgement of Order confirming all the details.  If you have not received this within one week of your confirmation please contact us to check we received your confirmation.

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  • When will I need to pay for the hire?

    If you have a credit account with Continental we will invoice you after the event and you should pay on receipt of the invoice.

    If you do not have an account we will require payment one month before the event.  We will send you a pro-forma invoice which you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.  If you wish to pay by debit or credit card you can call Continental on 01484 542 051 and pay over the telephone.  There is a small surcharge for payment by card.

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  • What happens between booking and the actual event?

    Once we have allocated technician(s) to your event, approximately 2 to 3 weeks before the date of the event the lead technician will contact the organiser to confirm all the details.  At that time we will require you to confirm the agreed volunteer assistance has been organised, and to provide the name, address and telephone number of the hotel accomodation you have organised for our technicians if applicable.

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  • How long will it take to set-up and breakdown the equipment?

    This depends on the equipment ordered, what the access to the venue is like and the motivation of the volunteers.  As a guide:

    • Set-up of a full men's or women's artistic gymnastics event takes 3 hours
    • Breakdown of a full men's or women's artistic gymnastics event takes 2 hours
    • Set-up or breakdown of an artistic sprung floor area only takes 1.5 hours

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  • I don't want to hire a full set of gymnastics equipment, just one or two items. Can I do this?

    Yes as long as the equipment is available.  Depending on your requirements we may send the items on a carrier and arrange a carrier to collect them rather than have our technicians deliver them.  You would then be responsible for set-up, breakdown, keeping and re-wrapping of the items for collection by the carrier.

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  • We want to run a gymnastics competition but our venue does not have floor anchors. Can we use this venue?

    Yes.  The best option is for the venue to contact us well in advance of the event and we can provide a separate quotation to supply and install the necessary gymnastics floor anchors.

    Alternatively we have a set of special freestanding frames that take the place of floor anchors.  These are weighted down with concrete blocks.  We do not provide the concrete blocks which must be provided by the hirer.  We will provide you with the specification and quantity required and help you to find a suitable local supplier.

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  • We are running a trampoline event. Do you rent trampolines?

    We do not currently have trampolines available for hire.

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  • We are running a cheerleading event. Do you rent cheerleading floors?

    Yes we rent 14m x 18m Tribond floor areas which are carpet surface rolls heat bonded to three layers of foam and joined with velcro strips.  This type of floor is recommended by British Gymnastics for cheerleading.

    Should you require a more cushioned and more sprung floor area we can also supply a specially enlarged sprung floor similar in construction to our FIG approved artistic sprung floor area but in a size suitable for cheerleading - 14m x 18m.

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  • I want to hire gymnastics equipment on a long term basis. Do you offer such rental schemes?

    Not normally.  However if your required rental period coincides with a quiet time of year for competition rentals then we may be able to accomodate you.  Please contact us with your request.

    If you wish to lease purchase equipment for your gymnastics facility we work closely with a lease finance company and can offer you the opportunity to purchase substantial amounts of equipment and pay over 3 or 5 years.  Please contact us for details.

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  • Are you insured to provide the equipment for my event?

    We maintain £10m of product, employers and public liability insurance and we would be pleased to provide our certificates if required by you or your venue.

    This insurance covers the gymnasts using the equipment in the event of liablity arising from the equipment itself, our technicians should they injure themselves whilst setting up the equipment, and anyone else should our technicians injure them during the provision of the rental.  Our insurance does not cover your volunteers or sports centre staff who assist our technicians in the set-up and breakdown of the equipment.

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  • Do you have availability for my event?

    We often book recurring events well in advance (sometimes more than 12 months) so it is well worth ensuring we have availability well before you commit to hiring venues or printing literature etc.  We keep the calendar below updated with all our planned events so you can check initially whether there may be a clash or whether we are currently available.

    If there is already an event on the day(s) you would like to hire our equipment please call us as we don't use all our equipment for all events and we are sometimes able to deal with up to three simultaneous events depending on their requirements.

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