Squash court to fitness suite conversion

Do you have a spare squash court that sits empty most of the day?

Would you like to increase revenues, participation, usage?

Have you considered converting it to a fitness suite?

Squash court to fitness suite conversionContinental Sports would be delighted to assist in transforming your club by providing a low-cost solution to conversion of a squash court into a fitness suite.

The benefits for a squash club are numerous:

  • provide a great new service to members
  • generate fee income from personal trainers
  • generate revenues from gym subscriptions
  • increase utilisation of facilities such as bar and restaurant

A fitness suite on a squash court can cost less than you may expect.  Continental has developed two layouts as a starting point for discussions and we are pleased to offer significant savings over our list prices for these packages:

Combined strength and cardiovascular fitness suite

The combined strength and CV suite is designed for up to 20 people to use at one time and comprises:

  • 10 pieces of CV equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, rowers)
  • 7 individual station strength machines (legs, upper body, arms)
  • matted free weights and stretching area
  • posture mirrors

Cardiovascular only fitness suite

The pure CV suite is designed for up to 25 people to use at one time and comprises:

  • 16 pieces of CV equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stepper and rowers)
  • 8 spinning bikes
  • matted area for stretching
  • two areas of posture mirrors

We are delighted to offer substantial package discounts for these packages of equipment.  Many clubs with limited cash flows also choose to lease fitness equipment and we can offer lease purchase schemes over 3 or 5 years.  All our prices include supply, delivery, installation and basic training at your facility.

Our special prices are shown below:


List price (£ + VAT)

Discounted price (£ + VAT)

Lease over 3 years (£ per month + VAT)

Lease over 5 years (£ per month + VAT)

CV + Strength 43,027 35,000 1,169 775
CV only 49,065 40,000 1,336 885

Availability of lease finance is subject to status

We have made available for download two pro-forma quotations to show the details of what we have included in each package.  If you do not want the exact package we have suggested, we would be pleased to discuss a bespoke package to suit your exact requirements and as long as the package size is similar you qualify for the same substantial package discounts.

So you can visualise the layout of the equipment we have also shown layout drawings of the equipment on the court.  We will be pleased to prepare bespoke drawings for you should you require a bespoke package of equipment:

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