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  1. Wall Mounted Mat Hanger

    Wall mounted hanger to store mats with eyelets 36cm apart

    Price from: £81.00
  2. Freestanding Mat Hanger

    Freestanding portable mat hanger to suit all our mats with eyelets

    Price from: £196.00
  3. Studio Yoga Mat

    Cushioned, textured foam yoga mat for individual use

    Price from: £15.00
  4. Speed ropes

    Speed ropes for skipping fitness, coordination and timing training

    Price from: £15.00
  5. Air balance disc

    Air balance disc for balance, strength and rehab exercises

    Price from: £23.00
  6. Air balance trainer rack

    Air balance trainer rack. For the storage of up to five air balance trainers or BoSu balls

    Price from: £167.00
  7. Air balance trainer

    Commercial air balance trainer for functional training and studio exercise

    Price from: £139.00
  8. Reebok deck

    Reebok professional deck

    Price from: £184.00
  9. Reebok step - Professional model

    The original Reebok professional aerobic step

    Price from: £109.00
  10. Studio dumbbell rack

    Storage rack for vinyl studio dumbbells. Holds up to 50 pairs of studio dumbbells

    Price from: £403.00
  11. Ab mat

    Ab mat - shaped pad to assist with spine flexion in abdominal workouts

    Price from: £27.00
  12. Gym timer

    Gym timer with seven timer modes designed for fitness training

    Price from: £252.00

Items 25-36 of 47

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