Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks have been increasingly popular in the USA for the past few years and have grown in popularity in the UK in the past two to three years with approximately 200 parks now located throughout the UK. Similar growth is anticipated in many other countries.

A trampoline park consists of a large number of trampolines with padding between and around them and incorporates various "Zones" to allow for different bouncing activities.

At Continental we have used our 55 years experience of manufacture and installation of gymnastics and trampolining equipment to develop a modular system for trampoline park installation.

We have now installed approximately 45 parks in the UK and have recently installed parks in Luxembourg, France and Spain with more parks planned in various European and Middle Eastern countries.

We have created a useful FAQ document that answers many questions asked by trampoline park operators. It covers who we are, what size building you should look for, the services and products we offer, budget prices and much more. Please download it from the following link:


We are constantly developing new areas of activity for trampoline parks to ensure our customers are able to offer the latest word in exciting but safe activity to their customers. Products include:

Open jump areas - our jumping areas normally include standard square trampolines, tracks, angled trampolines, rest areas, personal tricking columns, soft vaults and other interesting elements.

Dodgeball arenas - as well as a netted arena for the fun sport of ultimate dodgeball on trampolines, our dodgeball arenas can also incorporate removable volleyball and an interactive digitally scored game called “Dodge-attack”

Multi-height adventure zones - varying height trampolines and flat and angled rest areas to give an additional challenge compared to a flat open jump area

Kids areas - smaller trampolines and specific activities focussed on smaller bouncers

Basketball lanes - we incorporate slam dunk lanes with multi-height basketball goals, our unique ultra-strength hookless rings and TuffGuard padded backboards

Dismount pits - we supply foam filled dismount pits, resit-pits or airbags to suit customer preference. Dismount pits can be located at the end of trampolines or jump towers and also underneath combat activities such as battle beams, and adventure activities such as rings, ropes and ladders.

Adventure parks - aluminium space frames featuring multiple activities such as sea of rings, spiderman walks, monkey bars, rope challenge, battle beams, fidget ladders and slack-lines

Ninja courses - aluminium space frames with strength test elements from rings, to monkey bars, to ginnel walks, to traverse walls, to girder climbs and many more

Performance areas - competition trampolines for higher bouncing for expert bouncers and for teaching along with walk-the-wall trampolines for wall running, and our jumbo trampoline - a 5m x 5m monster bouncer

Obstacle courses - digitally timed army style obstacle courses with tic tacs, tunnels, monkey bars, balance beams and A-frame ladders

Parkour areas - with permanent obstacles from our ModuBlox range and soft obstacles such as foam blocks and ramps with cushioned or air flooring


The video below shows an amazing video of SpeKtrum having fun around a recent trampoline park installation by Continental at Orbital, Luton. It shows the main park, performance trampolines, walk-the-wall trampolines, gymnastics sprung tricking floor, Ninja, foam pit and more! (CREDIT: SpeKTrum)

Orbital Trampoline Park, Luton


Once you have had the opportunity to review our FAQ document, please send any further questions to: or if you would like us to design your park, please send a CAD drawing of your building along with details of any activities you particularly do or do not want incorporating and we would be pleased to start the design process.