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Which is the Right Trampoline for Me?

We are regularly asked which of our range of trampolines we would recommend for your purchase. In order to provide some information to assist you, we have shown below an easy guide to our full range and some rule of thumb recommendations. However, should you require any further assistance please call Continental on
01484 542 051 and ask for some assistance from a trampoline expert in our sales team. Our Business Development Manager, Sean McLoughlin is a three-times O18 Men's British Trampoline Champion and a Master Gymnast, and Sean would be delighted to help advise on the ideal trampoline for your particular circumstances.

77 Trampoline 101 Trampoline
The 77 Series School trampoline
  • Physically smaller
  • Standard performance
  • Options of 25mm or 13mm beds
The 99 Club & 101 Competition trampoline
  • Physically larger
  • Heavier and more robust
  • Superior and competition performance
  • Options of 13mm, 6mm or 6mm x 4mm beds

The image to the right shows the relative sizes of the 99/101 series trampoline (left) and the 77 series (right) when in the folded position.

Trampoline Size Comparison

We are regularly asked how customers should choose their trampolines. It is rarely clear cut, as a 77 with a 13mm bed may be ideal for a school customer, but if the school sports hall is designed to host community users in the evenings, a 99 with a 13mm bed would be more appropriate. The basic rule of thumb is that the narrower the bed webbing, the higher the performance, and the larger the trampoline the higher the performance. Also bear in mind that you should make provision for the highest standard of user you need to cater for - a school PE lesson could step up to use an over-specified 9906 but a high level club performer could not step down to use an under-specified 7713.

We have a rule of thumb graphic below to help you decide, from our range starting at the 7725 (77 series with 25mm bed), through the two 99 series options to the top level 10146 (101 series with a 6mm x 4mm bed):

Trampoline Decision Arrow

What about extras? What type of roller stands should I buy? Do I need "Safety" or "Coaching" - Sides? Is there anything else I need ?

77 Trampoline 101 Trampoline
Which Roller Stands are Available?
  • All our trampolines come with fixed height roller stands as standard. These can be upgraded to our unique "Safelift" hydraulically assisted roller stands either when you buy your trampoline or at a later date if you decide you need them. Please bear in mind that it is cheaper to upgrade when you buy your trampoline, rather than later.
  • Other manufacturers manufacture "lift / lower" stands but Continental is the only company that incorporates an integral gas strut that ensures the stands are totally safe to operate. Without the gas strut, the handle of lift/lower stands is free to move under the weight of the trampoline and nasty injuries can be caused as it can strike the operator in the face or on the body if their hand slips. With Continental Safelift stands you can even let go of the handle and the trampoline will smoothly lower itself under its own weight in a totally controlled manner.
Safelift Safelift Safelift

The spring loaded locking mechanism is released

The hydraulic system allows the trampoline to lower slowly and steadily. The arm of the roller stands does not fly upwards out of control if accidentally released

The stand is locked in place and the trampoline can be moved under standard height doors

Height of trampoline when on stands (mm) Fixed height stands Safelift stands - High position Safelift stands - Low position
99/101 Series 2200mm 2225mm 1995mm
77 Series 2000mm 2010mm 1780mm
The Stands offer two Key Functions

1. They easily lower the trampoline when in the stored position to help it get through doors if you move the trampoline to and from storage or between halls:

2. They avoid the necessity to lift the trampoline manually when setting up and folding away the trampoline and therefore potentially reduce the number of people required to set up the trampoline from 3 or 4 people to just 2..

As you will appreciate, setting up and folding away a trampoline is hard work, and must only be carried out by a number of qualified personnel. Part of the procedure involves the necessity to slightly lift the trampoline manually to free the stand to enable it to be removed from its locating point. If you use Safelift stands, the mechanism can be used to shorten the stand to avoid this manual lift which may be preferred on health and safety grounds.

So should I buy Safelift Stands?
  • We would recommend the upgrade to Safelift stands on all 99 and 101 series trampolines which will be moved regularly to and from storage as these trampolines are very heavy and the Safelift stands makes setting up significantly easier and less strenuous. If you are a dedicated facility and will leave the trampoline in situ for long periods, the upgrade may not be necessary.
  • We would recommend the upgrade where it is needed to enable your trampoline to fit under your store room door without tilting the trampoline. It is important that trampolines are not tilted to get under doors as they are extremely heavy and this process is dangerous.
  • If you are buying a 77 series trampoline, then unless you have a door height problem, as the trampoline is much lighter than the 99/101 series the upgrade to Safelifts is less important. Your centre management may still conclude after undertaking a risk assessment that they would prefer not to need the trampoline to be manually lifted during setup and therefore the Safelift stands will be necessary.
What about Safety Sides?

Safety Sides (also known as coaching sides) are additional steel edges to the trampoline along the long sides allowing a coach to stand on the coverall pads without impacting the performance of the trampoline. Whether your coach chooses to instruct in this manner is a personal preference for him or her and they should decide whether or not to specify this extra item. Please note that Safelift Roller Stands CANNOT be used on a trampoline with safety sides and the decision on whether you need Safelift stands should be made first. Safety sides are not available on 101 Series competition trampolines.

77 Trampoline 77 Trampoline 77 Trampoline

The additional frame extension along the length of the trampoline

A view from underneath the trampoline showing the extension of the frame and the wider coverall

The 77 Series trampoline with wider coveralls extending over the safety coaching sides

Anything else I need?

We would always suggest including a trampoline storage cover for your new trampoline. A trampoline is a significant investment and it makes economic sense to protect your investment. Our heavy duty pvc covers protect the trampolines while in storage from malicious damage from children "playing" or picking at the web bed or springs when the trampoline is in storage, and from accidental damage which can be caused by people carrying other equipment in and out of the store which may snag on the webbing or coverall pads. Continental storage covers also incorporate brass eyelets which accomodate a padlock (not supplied) which prevents unauthorised removal of the cover.

Trampoline Cover Trampoline Cover Open Small Trampoline Cover Lock Small

The cover protects your investment in your new trampoline

Heavy duty velcro strips make it easy to put the cover on and to remove the cover

The cover accomodates a padlock to prevent unauthorised removal

How about Training Devices?

Many of our customers buying a new trampoline perhaps to develop a trampolining club, will include a trampoline spotting rig. This roof and wall fixed device enables a coach to ensure the gymnast stays on the trampoline and gives the gymnast the confidence often needed to practice new moves while learning. Spotting rigs are designed bespoke to suit your facility and a load bearing structure is necessary to fix the rig to, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Trampolining Resources

We currently have our trampoline owner's manual available for download.

This is an important document and if you have lost the one which came with your trampoline it is vital that you download a replacement from here.

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