There is never enough safe storage space for equipment within a sports hall. Let us help make best use of the space you have available with our range of storage solutions for your equipment.

We offer a range of storage solutions including cabinets, trolleys, cages, racks etc. Our roof mounted electrically operated storage cradles also offer solutions to storage of netting (cricket or division netting) and other items in the roofspace of a building where wall space is at a premium or aesthetics are key.

As a manufacturer we are also pleased to offer bespoke solutions and have installed many bespoke equipment storage cages in sports hall stores in schools, colleges and leisure centres - please contact us if you require a specific solution to your needs.

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  1. Fixed mesh storage cage

    Mesh storage cages. Designed and manufactured bespoke to your requirements. Doors, walls, roofs - all to suit your building.

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  2. Equipment storage cage

    Sports equipment storage cage. Lockable for secure storage

    Price from: £404.00
  3. Equipment storage trolley

    Sports equipment storage trolley. Three separate compartments

    Price from: £302.00
  4. Large PE and sports equipment storage trolley

    Large storage trolley for PE and sports equipment. Complete with 4 removable strage bins

    Price from: £350.00
  5. Standard PE equipment storage trolley

    Standard storage trolley for PE and sports equipment. Complete with 4 removable colour-coded storage bins

    Price from: £326.00
  6. Hockey sideboard storage trolley

    Storage trolley designed for a set of hockey sideboards / rebound boards

    Price from: £530.00
  7. Roof mounted hauling / storage cradle

    Roof mounted electrically winched hauling and storage cradles 

    Price from: £2,690.00
  8. Division netting hauling cradles

    Electrically winched hauling cradles to lift division netting for storage in the roofspace. Easily lift division nets above perimeter seating or viewing galleries.

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  9. Storage bracket for agility planks

    Storage brackets to store up to 3 agility planks

    Price from: £135.00
  10. Wall storage hooks / brackets

    Storage hooks for storing linking and bridgind equipment - available in pairs of one, two or three hooks

    Price from: £97.00

10 Items

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