We manufacture a full range of springboards from junior and training springboards for gymnasium and school use, through to higher performance boards including FIG certified boards suitable for use in highest level gymnastic competitions.

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  1. FIG approved competition springboard available in hard and soft configurations

    Fig approved and certified competition springboard available in the FIG's defined "Hard" or "Soft" configurations

    Price from: £698.00
  2. Powerboard high level gymnastics springboard

    Multi-adjustable high level performance gymnastics springboard for training or competition

    Price from: £687.00
  3. Fast-Lift gymnastics springboard

    A faster reacting springboard with a dual springing system for higher performance

    Price from: £551.00
  4. Turbo-board training springboard

    The Olympus board is a softer more forgiving springboard for the lighter gymnast

    Price from: £787.00
  5. Springboard - Turbo board

    Continental's most popular training springboard

    Price from: £572.00
  6. SPIETH - Springboard "Moscow 8"

    Springboard - HARD from Spieth - FIG Approved HARD version (8 springs)

    Price from: £1,253.00
  7. SPIETH - Springboard "Moscow 5"

    Springboard - SOFT from Spieth - FIG Approved SOFT version (5 springs)

    Price from: £1,190.00
  8. SPIETH - Springboard "Budapest"

    "Budapest" springboard with dual springing system

    Price from: £810.00
  9. Springboard - Mini foam take-off board

    For the youngest of gymnasts, a lightweight colourful PVC covered foam ramp

    Price from: £253.00
  10. Springboard - Lightweight foam model

    A junior gym lightweight and colourful pvc covered springboard for children

    Price from: £230.00
  11. Springboard - Short training model

    A lightweight, smaller, junior springboard for younger gymnastics

    Price from: £201.00
  12. Springboard - Junior Powerboard

    Junior springboard. Hybrid board for younger, lighter gymnasts. Looks just like a competition springboard, but smaller.

    Price from: £328.00

Items 1-12 of 19

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