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  1. The Flip Machine

    Catch some serious air with the "Flip Machine" - a brand new product from Continental and PE-Redskaber for gymnastics, Parkour and cheerleading. Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour / Tricking training!

    Price from: £550.00
  2. Foam ramp for freestyle gymnastics and parkour covered in urban tarmac effect PVC

    Foam ramp with hi-grip, black tarmac-effect PVC cover for use in Freestyle gymnastics and Parkour

    Price from: £501.00
  3. PitZone Mat

    PitZone mat. Inflatable mat to provide firmer landings in a foam filled dismount pit. Also perfect when used in Freestyle and Parkour as a "tricking floor"

    Price from: £2,694.00
  4. Freestyle gymnastics / parkour safety mat

    Freestyle Gymnastics safety ("crash") mats with Urban look, hi-grip textured PVC covers. Absorbent foam body for landing situations

    Price from: £244.00
  5. Freestyle gymnastics foam block 2000 x 1000 x 600 in urban tarmac black PVC

    Freestyle Gymnastics foam blocks with Urban look, hi-grip tarmac-effect textured PVC covers. Cushioned foam body with a firmer foam top and sides for standing on, landing on and vaulting over

    Price from: £474.00
  6. ModuBlox

    Developed by Continental Sports in conjunction with British Gymnastics, ModuBlox provide an exciting and challenging range of obstacles for Freestyle Gymnastics and Parkour activities

    Price from: £17,000.00

6 Items

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