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Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour foam ramp

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Foam ramp with hi-grip, black tarmac-effect PVC cover for use in Freestyle gymnastics and Parkour

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Full Description

These "urban look & feel" foam ramps are great for use in the hugely popular activity of Freestyle Gymnastics and Parkour.

The ramps are 2m x 1m x 0mm to 600mm high. They can be used on their 2m x 1m base to provide a run-up to a 600mm high foam block, or as a ramp to help a run-up for vaulting over other apparatus such as our Parkour equipment and ModuBlox. They can also be used on their 1m x 600mm ends propped against a wall for practising back-aways and other Freestyle moves.

This foam ramp has the following features:

  • The ramp surface and end have firm foam to enable standing on the ramp or for running at / up
  • The cover is a high-traction "tarmac" embossed pvc for extra grip
  • The pvc is "urban black" as standard

The ramp can be used in conjunction with a 2m x 1m x 600mm Freestyle foam block to provide a wider range of activities and different heights.