Continental is pleased to offer a full set of boxing equipment suitable for clubs, schools and gyms. From basic to competition level boxing rings, punchbags and brackets, gloves and pads Continental is your one-stop shop for all your boxing equipment requirements

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  1. Competition boxing ring

    Competition spec boxing ring in a range of sizes with a 36" platform height

    Price from: £6,765.00
  2. Training boxing ring

    Training boxing ring with 18" high platform and canvas flooring with underlay

    Price from: £3,977.00
  3. Floor mounted boxing ring

    Floor boxing ring. Must be bolted to a suitable solid floor

    Price from: £2,547.00
  4. Floor boxing ring - freestanding

    Freestanding floor boxing ring. Complete with jigsaw mat flooring.

    Price from: £2,704.00
  5. Ultimate 4 station boxing frame - 3 bag arms + speedball platform

    Freestanding boxing frame with 3 arms to support punchbags and 1 speedball platform

    Price from: £983.00
  6. Ultimate 4 station boxing frame - 4 bag arms

    Freestanding boxing frame with 4 arms to support punchbags

    Price from: £973.00
  7. Punchbag wall bracket

    Wall fixed punchbag bracket. Available with a 2' (600mm) or 3' (910mm) projection

    Price from: £103.00
  8. Punchbag wall bracket - Elite - 1.25m

    Highest quality wall bracket with a long 1.25m projection

    Price from: £314.00
  9. Folding wall fixed punchbag bracket

    Wall fixed punchbag bracket. Folds away when not in use. 3' (910mm) projection.

    Price from: £126.00
  10. Multi-grip chinning bar

    Chinning bar with different gip positions for strength training. Can be used to support a TRX suspension trainer

    Price from: £128.00
  11. Ultimate speedball

    Speedball for use with a speedball platform

    Price from: £50.00
  12. Triple Body Bag - Leather - 4ft

    Leather Triple Body Punchbag - 4ft (1220mm)

    Price from: £219.00
  13. Angle Bag - Leather - 4ft

    Highest quality leather angle bag for uppercut practice - 4' (1220mm)

    Price from: £182.00
  14. Daddy bag - Leather - 5'

    Heavyweight leather "Daddy Bag" for the heavier hitter - 5' (1520mm)

    Price from: £237.00
  15. Straight Punchbags - Leather

    Finest quality leather covered, machine filled straight punchbags. Available in 4' and 5' sizes

    Price from: £164.00
  16. Daddy bag - PU - 4ft

    A heavier bag for the harder, heavier hitter

    Price from: £114.00
  17. Body bag - PU - 3'6"

    Punch bag for the practice of body punches

    Price from: £114.00
  18. Angle bag - PU - 4ft

    4ft angle punchbag. Designed for uppercut practice

    Price from: £91.00
  19. Straight Punchbags - PU

    Straight punchbags upholstered in an extremely strong nylon backed polyurethane

    Price from: £69.00
  20. PRO ball bearing swivel

    Ball bearing swivel for mounting speedballs to platforms

    Price from: £28.00
  21. Punchbag chain swivel attachment

    Swivel to fix between a punchbag bracket and the chain set

    Price from: £32.00
  22. Punchbag chain set

    Chain set for fixing punchbags to brackets. Available in 4-chain or 6-chain sets.

    Price from: £26.00

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