Continental FIG approved trampolines are renowned for their quality and performance. They are used in World, International and National competitions as well as in schools and trampolining clubs throughout the UK.

Need advice on which model of trampoline is right for you? Please click here to see the comparison of the models in our range and our recommendations of which trampoline is ideal for your requirements.

Trampolines from Continental Sports LtdContinental Sports Ltd manufactures trampolines in the UK. We offer a huge range of trampolines including models designed for: competition, club, school, rebound therapy, dryland diving, entertainment parks and other bespoke uses.

We manufacture the frames, pads, beds and all ancillary items in house and are pleased to consider bespoke projects - please contact us for discussions.

Your trampoline can be a great source of enjoyment, physical fitness training, and gymnastics skills development, but trampolines are large, heavy items with significant energy stored in the springs, so they can be dangerous if not used properly or under appropriate supervision.

To help you enjoy your purchase safely, we are pleased to provide a substantial number of trampoline resources including guidance documents, instruction manuals, and demonstration videos, all available from our Trampoline Instructions and Resources page. 

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  1. School model 77 Series trampoline. Red coverall pads as standard

    School size trampoline complete with roller stands

    Price from: £3,011.00
  2. Trampoline - Club model - 99 Series

    Full size 99 Series club specification trampoline complete with roller stands

    Price from: £4,046.00
  3. Trampoline - Competition model - 101 Series

    Full size 101 Series competition specification trampoline complete with roller stands

    Price from: £4,806.00
  4. Rebound therapy trampoline with UltraMesh bed

    Designed for Rebound Therapy with an UltraMesh bed. School size trampoline complete with roller stands

    Price from: £3,011.00
  5. Trampoline - Dryland diving model

    DiveTramp - Trampoline designed specifically for dryland diving training. Designed to replicate the rebound characteristics of a diving springboard.

    Price from: £4,886.00
  6. SafeLift hydraulically assisted lift/lower trampoline roller stands

    "Safelift" hydraulically assisted trampoline roller stands lower trampolines to fit under standard doors and make heavy trampolines easier to set up and put away

    Price from: £889.00
  7. Trampoline beds

    Replacement web beds for school, club and competition size trampolines from Continental, Eurotramp, Unitramp, Nissen and Ceetex

    Price from: £1,012.00
  8. Trampoline spring removal / re-insertion tool

    Essential tool to enable the safe removal or installation of web beds on trampolines

    Price from: £11.00
  9. On site trampoline assembly

    Complete assembly of a new trampoline delivered in kit form to your premises. Undertaken by one delivery driver and one trampoline assembly technician. PRICE IS PER TRAMPOLINE

    Price from: £545.00
  10. Special delivery of trampolines

    Additional delivery costs for trampolines to premises without level floor access. PRICE IS PER TRAMPOLINE

    Price from: £58.00
  11. Trampoline park FAQs

    Planning a trampoline park? Continental's FAQs answer many questions. Download free of charge!

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11 Items

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