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Trampoline - School model - 77 Series

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School size trampoline complete with roller stands

Price from: £3,011.00

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Price from: £3,011.00

Full Description

The 77 series school model trampoline is a lighter and smaller trampoline than the 99 or 101 series. It is typically used in school PE lessons where the higher bounce and standard dimensions of a club or competition trampoline are not required - if club or community use of the trampoline is expected we would recommend a club or competition trampoline would be more appropriate. Supplied with coverall frame pads

This trampoline is supplied with either fixed height or hydraulically assisted "Safelift" roller stands


  • Frame size 4.6m x 2.75m x 1.0m.
  • Folded size 2.75m x 2.0m x 0.8m.
  • Bed size 3.6m x 1.8m

Height of trampoline when on stands:

  • fixed height stands - 2,000mm
  • Safelift stands (high position) - 2,010mm, Safelift stands (low position) - 1,780mm


  • 13mm x 13mm web bed with 100 steel springs
  • 25mm x 25mm web bed with 100 steel springs
  • UltraMesh bed with 100 steel springs
  • Hydraulically assisted "Safelift" roller stands
  • Safety coaching sides. These are extension pieces to the trampoline framework running the length of the trampoline on both sides. These, along with extra width coverall pads provide an area where a coach can stand to coach the gymnast without affecting the performance of the trampoline. Some coaches prefer to coach in this manner, whilst others prefer to coach from the side of the trampoline - the decision to specify or not to specify coaching sides is down to personal preference of your coaching staff. PLEASE NOTE: if you specify coaching sides, you cannot specify hydraulically operated Safelift roller stands as these items are incompatible.

Our standard coverall pads are red, but we are pleased to offer blue as a standard alternative. If you have a special colour requirement, we can make your pads bespoke in a wide range of colours. PVC colour options for the coverall pads are available here. If you require a colour other than red then please place your order as normal and follow that up with an email to our sales team.


We deliver trampolines to your premises using one driver. Trampolines cannot be lifted by one person so level or ramped access to your facility is required. Should level or ramped access not be available we can assist your staff to manoeuvre the trampoline into your facility if possible. If access is up or down stairs or similar then special delivery costs apply. If we deliver a trampoline and have not been informed in writing in advance that on-site assembly is required, the trampoline will be left at the entrance to your facility and we will provide a quotation to disassemble and reassemble it at a later date.

Special Delivery options:

OPTION 1 - if delivery is required to premises without level access and the trampoline is to be carried up or down ONE flight of stairs (without a return on the stairs) we deliver the trampoline without bed and springs attached to reduce the weight. We require you to provide 4 people to assist our delivery driver in carrying the trampoline. Once in situ the bed(s) and springs are left for the customer to attach. Cost is an additional £58 + VAT per trampoline

OPTION 2 - as per option 1 above, but our driver attaches the bed and springs which requires the assistance of 1 person provided by the customer. Cost is an additional £173 + VAT per trampoline

On site trampoline assembly:

If access is too small for the assembled trampoline frame, or if the stairs have a return, or if there is more than one flight of stairs we can deliver the trampoline in parts and fully assemble it on site. To do this we provide a delivery driver and trampoline assembly technician who undertake the complete delivery and assembly process. Cost is an additional £545 + VAT per trampoline plus one "Area Charge" based on the site location.

If ordering online, please select the additional special delivery options and add them to your basket when ordering