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Trampoline foam access steps

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Foam steps for access to trampolines. Combination of foams for strength and cushioning.

Price from: £921.00
Price from: £921.00

Full Description

Continental's foam steps are different to anything else on the market.  Steps with one quality of foam inside that give enough cushioning if landed on are too soft to walk on safely. Steps that are firm enough to walk on properly are too hard to land on. Until now.

Continental has used similar technology to our gymnastics coaching blocks to create a set of steps that are firm enough to walk on but also provide the necessary cushioning if landed on.

We achieve this through the use of a multi-density foam construction - the main body of the steps is made from a soft absorbent foam. The risers, steps and sides of the steps have a laminated construction of firmer more resiliant foam.  Together they result in the perfect blend of firmness with underlying softness if called upon.

The dimensions of the steps are:

  • 850mm wide so they fit through a single door!
  • 970mm high to suit a standard school size trampoline or 1,145mm high to suit a standard club / competition size trampoline
  • 1,800mm long so the steps are not too steep and to give a larger top step for transition to the trampoline.

The foam steps are covered in a hard wearing pvc cover in blue and red as standard. The cover incoroporates a zip so is removable if needed.