Tumbling and Tracks

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  1. Air Twisting Ring and Belt

    ***BRAND NEW*** Air filled belt within a twisting ring. The world's most comfortable, snug-fitting twisting belt

    Price from: £1,414.00
  2. AirTrack+

    AirTrack+ sealed airtrack tumbling piste with flat surface. Does not need permanently attached blower!

    Price from: £3,207.00
  3. NEW DESIGN Fast Track

    Robust, high performance Fast-Track tumbling piste - NEW from Continental. Delivered and assembled in your facility by Continental's technicians

    Price from: £2,457.00
  4. Fibre rod tumble track

    Carbon fibre rod gymnastics tumble track

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  5. TeamGym Landing Area

    Official size landing area for TeamGym. 7m x 4m x 330mm. Complete with PVC coverall.

    Price from: £5,264.00
  6. TeamGym tumble track run-up

    Run-up for PE Redskaber / LEG TeamGym tumble track. 16m long x 1m wide.

    Price from: £5,113.00
  7. TeamGym tumble track

    TeamGym tumble track from PE Redskaber / LEG. 15m x 2m wide track. Fully compliant with UEG Directives for TeamGym.

    Price from: £19,299.00
  8. AirSpring Mat

    The AirSpring mat - an easy to use, quick to inflate cushioned air mat to practise tumbling and tricking

    Price from: £824.00
  9. Tribond carpet surface matting

    Carpet surface runway mats. Carpet surface on a 30mm foam base. Ideal for gymnastics activities. Can be attached with VELCRO® Fasteners to create exercise areas

    Price from: £477.00
  10. The Flip Machine

    Catch some serious air with the "Flip Machine" - a brand new product from Continental and PE-Redskaber for gymnastics, Parkour and cheerleading. Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour / Tricking training!

    Price from: £526.00
  11. AirTrack200+

    New smaller sealed AirTrack - 200mm deep x 2m wide and in a range of lengths. Great for use on a gymnastics floor area

    Price from: £1,989.00
  12. Travelling spotting rig

    Travelling spotting rig for use with agility belts and twisting belts

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12 Items

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