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  1. Trampette bed spring

    Bed spring to suit a 55 Series, 44 Series or 33 Series trampette

    Price from: £3.75
  2. Pit foam cubes and logs

    Replacement or "top-up" foam for dismount pits for gymnastics training or trampoline parks. Priced in "blocks" of 5.28m(660 cubes)

    Price from: £1,065.24
  3. Safelift roller stand knob assembly

    Knob, pin and spring to create a complete knob assembly for Safelift roller stands

    Price from: £14.00
  4. End deck spotting platform spring

    Trampoline end deck spotting platform spring

    Price from: £12.00
  5. Spotting platform hand knob

    Hanknob used to attach spotting platforms to the trampoline frame

    Price from: £6.00
  6. Spotting platform locking bracket

    Spotting platform locking bracket ONLY - EXC. hand-knob

    Price from: £10.00
  7. Roller stand hook

    Roller stand hook for SafeLift trampoline roller stands

    Price from: £12.00
  8. Roller stand securing arm

    Roller stand securing arm for Safelift roller stands

    Price from: £27.00
  9. Damper c/w eye fittings

    Damper to suit Safelift roller stands

    Price from: £138.00
  10. Short handle with red cap

    Short handle with red cap

    Price from: £5.25
  11. Trampoline bed clip

    Trampoline bed clip to attach a Continental webbing trampoline bed to springs and frame

    Price from: £1.20
  12. Trampoline leg spring

    Trampoline leg spring for 77 / 99 / 101 Series trampolines

    Price from: £8.00
  13. Turnbuckle - 10mm x 4" eye-to-eye

    Turnbuckle with eye at both ends. 10mm thread, 4" long.

    Price from: £13.00
  14. Complete leg chain assembly for 99/101 trampoline

    Comnplete leg chain assembly for a 101 / 99 Series trampoline

    Price from: £28.50
  15. Trampoline bed spring (performance trampoline)

    Bed spring to suit a 101, 99 or 77 Series trampoline

    Price from: £3.00
  16. Aluminium cable slider

    Aluminium cable slider for trampette cables

    Price from: £1.75
  17. Coverall pads for 55 trampette complete with lace
    Price from: £96.00

    Floor guard for trampoline legs

    Price from: £9.00

    Floor guard for trampette legs

    Price from: £4.50
  20. Leg brace assembly - LONG (inc.spring)

    Replacement long leg brace assembly for Continental Sports Ltd trampettes

    Price from: £44.00
  21. Leg brace assembly - SHORT (inc.spring)

    Leg brace assembly - short leg - for Continental trampettes

    Price from: £43.00

Items 1-21 of 21

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