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Pit foam cubes and logs

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Replacement or "top-up" foam for dismount pits for gymnastics training or trampoline parks. Priced in "blocks" of 5.28m(660 cubes)

Price from: £1,394.66

* Discounts available on multiple purchases of certain configurations

Price from: £1,394.66

Full Description

Continental's pit foam is available in two shapes:

  • Cubes - each measuring 200mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • Logs - each measuring 610mm x 120mm x 100mm

Please note that the above measurements are nominal and are reduced by approximately 1mm to 2mm for the thickness of the saw blade used when cutting the block foam

We sell foam in "blocks". One "block" is 5.28m3 which has the following quantity of cubes / logs:

  • One block of cubes = 5.28m3 = 660 cubes
  • One block of logs = 5.28m3 = 721 logs

Our foam is tried and tested in gymnastics dismount pits and trampoline park dismount pits and ninja pits. This foam is durable but please note that foam is a wearable and replaceable item. Its longevity depends on the number of dismounts made into it, the manner by which participants leave the pit and any impact of mis-use such as picking and tearing.

Logs are better at maintaining air-gaps between the foam which reduces the build-up of hard areas, but logs are more easily torn on entry and exit. Logs are therefore recommended for managed and lower dismount freuqency pits such as in gymnastics training facilities.

Cubes are less likely to be damaged than logs when participants land on them or clamber over them so we recommend cubes for high frequency dismount pits such as in trampoline parks. Cubes have a tendency to "stack" and "settle" thus removing air gaps and will require more frequent "fluffing" to remove hard spots than logs.

Our foam is available in four standard colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

We offer a discounted price for 10 block orders (6,600 cubes = 52.8m3), and you can specify a bespoke colour if you require something other than our standard range - we have made cubes in pink, orange, purple, black, grey and many other colours for customers. If you order 10 blocks and require a special colour, please order a standard colour. We will then contact you prior to processing your order to confirm your colour requirements.

Please contact us if you have special requirements, or a smaller requirement than a unit of 660 cubes, or if you do not have a colour preference as we may have ends of run or surplus cubes available at special rates.