Floor (artistic & rhythmic)

The Continental International sprung floor area - FIG approved and considered by many gymnasts to be the best sprung floor area in the world. The only floor area used by top level gymnasts in UK competitions - practice on a Continental floor will give your gymnasts a vital competitive edge.

Looking for a tumble track, but don't have enough space in your gym for a permanent track? Need to set up your equipment before each session and pack it away afterwards. Take a look at the new Continental Inflatable Tumble Track "Air Track" - it maybe just what you are looking for.... and if that looks like something you would find useful in your gym - why not add the Brand New Continental Catcher?

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  1. Cover for rhythmic carpet storage trolley

    PVC cover with padded ends to suit Continental's rhythmic carpet storage trolley

    Price from: £452.00
  2. Tribond carpet surface matting

    Carpet surface runway mats. Carpet surface on a 30mm foam base. Ideal for gymnastics activities. Can be attached with VELCRO® Fasteners to create exercise areas

    Price from: £483.00
  3. Rhythmic carpet storage trolley

    Storage and transportation trolley for a complete competition size rhythmic carpet

    Price from: £915.00
  4. Rhythmic gymnastics floor area

    Rhythmic gymnastics floor - available as carpet only, or carpet with sprung timber undercarriage

    Price from: £3,500.00
  5. Artistic gymnastics sprung floor - FIG Approved

    FIG Approved artistic sprung gymnastics floor

    Price from: £19,149.00
  6. ResiMat

    Super-soft ResiMat landing block. PVC top with UltraMesh sides gives low-air resistance on landing. Incorporates lattice structure foam with air gaps.

    Price from: £1,086.00
  7. SPIETH - Elastic Swingfloor "Moscow"

    Artistic gymnastics floor area "Moscow" from Spieth - FIG Approved

    Price from: £36,598.00
  8. PitZone Mat

    PitZone mat. Inflatable mat to provide firmer landings in a foam filled dismount pit. Also perfect when used in Freestyle and Parkour as a "tricking floor"

    Price from: £2,532.00
  9. VELCRO® - 100mm wide hook fastener

    100mm wide hook VELCRO® strips to join Tribond carpet surface rolls together to create floor areas

    Price from: £3.00

9 Items

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