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Rhythmic gymnastics floor area

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Rhythmic gymnastics floor - available as carpet only, or carpet with sprung timber undercarriage

Price from: £4,560.00
Price from: £4,560.00

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FIG Approved gymnastics apparatus from Continental Sports LtdContinental's rhythmic carpet surface has undergone rigorous performance testing to ensure it provides just the right amount of grip without generating excessive friction to conform with FIG requirements. The carpet is available in our standard light beige colour, but is also available in a wide range of alternative colours to suit your gym. If you order without specifying a colour we will supply it in the standard light beige. If you would like to discuss the availability of alternative colours please call us.

To prevent fraying of the carpet edges when the carpet is lifted, rolled, and transported we apply a narrow soft "whipped" edge to the perimeter of each roll. The whipping is extremely soft and flat so as not to affect the gymnasts, but it ensures the carpet and backing weave do not fray.

Continental's rhythmic floor is available in two elements which can be purchased together or separately:

  • The high performance, low friction carpet surface
  • The sprung sub-base

The carpet for a 14m x 14m competition area is supplied as standard in 3 rolls each 14m long x 4m wide, and 1 roll 14m long x 2m wide. The carpet is supplied in a neutral beige colour and comes complete with sufficient red cloth tape to mark out the competition working area, and sufficient flooring tape to tack under the joins if required (please note that you may require additional floor tape if the floor will be lifted regularly.

Whilst many people are happy to use the rhythmic carpet straight on their existing floor (e.g. on a sports hall sprung floor or similar the performance from the floor will be quite acceptable), Continental also manufacture a sprung sub-base.

Similar in construction to the sub-base of our artistic floor, this base provides the cushioning and rebound required for FIG standard competition.

If you purchase a sub-base as well as carpet, the price includes installation of the floor in your facility by Continental technicians. If you order a carpet only, this is supplied on a supply only basis for you to roll out and tape.

We can provide the sub-base in any dimensions to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a quotation.

The video below shows rhythmic gymnastics carpet rolls having their edges whipped in our factory: