Digital timers and clocks

We offer a range of digital timers which are clocks when not in use suitable for use in gyms, sports halls or fitness suites

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  1. Digital timer / clock

    Digital clocks and timers with count-up / count-down functions. Available in a range of sizes and with Red or Yellow LEDs

    Price from: £510.00
  2. DCF / GPS antenna for auto-time setting

    This upgrade to a clock, scoreboard or timer adds GPS or DCF time signal auto-update functionality to the time of day

    Price from: £315.00
  3. Scoreboard / shot-clock or clock installation

    Installation of your electronic scoreboard by Continental's in-house installation engineers

    Price from: £235.00
  4. Gym timer

    Gym timer with seven timer modes designed for fitness training

    Price from: £286.00

4 Items

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