Continental are delighted to offer a full range of play equipment to complement our range of fixed and portable PE equipment for younger children.

We offer bats, balls, beanbags and a huge number of other interesting and fun items to enhance your physical education, movement, dance and play activities.

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  1. Wobble boards

    Wobble boards for balance training, core strengthening and development and play

    Price from: £47.00
  2. Colour Beanbag Set

    Colour coded beanbag set with colour names on each beanbag. Three sets of eight colours. 24 beanbags in the set to suit one class

    Price from: £29.07
  3. Number Beanbag Set

    Set of 20 beanbags with numbers in words, digits and dots. Set contains two lots of numbers 1 to 10 to suit one class

    Price from: £21.54
  4. Shape Beanbag Set

    Shape beanbags. Six beanbags of four different shapes. Set of 24 beanbags to suit one class

    Price from: £36.04
  5. Beanbag Balls

    Pack of 10 beanbag balls. 85mm diameter

    Price from: £30.80
  6. Dance Scarves

    Pack of 30 dance scarves. Available in two sizes.

    Price from: £34.90
  7. Cheerleader Pom Poms

    Set of 30 colourful cheerleader pom poms in a variety of metallic colours

    Price from: £59.70
  8. Tap Sticks

    Set of 20 pairs of red and yellow tap sticks to suit one class. Total of 40 sticks.

    Price from: £41.00
  9. Dance Wands

    Set of 30 rainbow coloured rhythmic gymnastics style ribbon wands

    Price from: £47.55
  10. Rhythmic Gymnastics Dance Pack

    Pack of materials to develop dance and rhythmic gymnastic skills

    Price from: £71.62
  11. Dance & Movement Pack

    A kit of materials to help develop skills and add visual impact and sound to dance and movement activities

    Price from: £99.09
  12. Rainbow Dice Set

    Set of 30 multi-coloured integral skin foam Rainbow Dice

    Price from: £84.85

Items 1-12 of 26

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Set Descending Direction