Parallel Bars

Continental manufactures FIG approved parallel bars, coaching devices and training aids.

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  1. Parallel bars - standard model

    Parallel bars - standard model

    Price from: £3,690.00
  2. Competition parallel bars - FIG approved

    Parallel bars - competition model - FIG Approved

    Price from: £4,158.00
  3. Junior Gym - parallel bars

    Junior Gym - mini-gymnastics apparatus designed for children up to 10 years old

    Price from: £1,081.00
  4. SPIETH - Parallel bars "Melbourne"

    Competition parallel bars from SPIETH - "Melbourne". FIG Approved

    Price from: £6,079.00
  5. Just for Kids - Mini parallel bars

    Mini parallel bars from the SPIETH "Just for Kids" range

    Price from: £1,649.00
  6. SPIETH - training parallel bars

    Parallel bars for training from Spieth. Available in Senior and Junior sizes. With and without a timber floor plate and with or without transport castors.

    Price from: £2,898.00
  7. Parallel bar transporter trolley

    Transporter trolley for the safe and easy transport of Continental parallel bars to and from storage and around the gym

    Price from: £119.00
  8. Sprung bars with timber rails

    Parallel bar trainer with sprung cushioned rails

    Price from: £193.00
  9. Timber balancing bars - LONG

    Timber balancing bars - LONG. Also known as "parallelettes". For handstand balance training.

    Price from: £82.00
  10. Timber balancing bars - SHORT

    Timber balancing bars - SHORT. Also known as "parallelettes". For handstand balance training.

    Price from: £60.00
  11. Steel balancing bars

    Steel balancing bars for parallel bar and strength training

    Price from: £105.00
  12. Parallel bars - coaching platform

    Parallel bar coaching platform

    Price from: £441.00
  13. Bar pad with strap handle

    PVC covered bar foam pad with nylon handle for quick removal - suitable for use with uneven bars, high bar and parallel bars

    Price from: £109.00
  14. SPIETH - Handstand bowl trainer

    Handstand bowl trainer. Metal frame with plastic bowl.

    Price from: £330.00
  15. SPIETH - Handstand swing

    Handstand swing trainer

    Price from: £277.00
  16. SPIETH - Power and coordination trainer

    Power and coordination trainer. Mounted onto parallel bars

    Price from: £389.00
  17. SPIETH - Parallel bar safety padding

    Padding to suit SPIETH competition parallel bar uprights (SET OF 4)

    Price from: £960.00

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