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SPIETH - training parallel bars

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Parallel bars for training from Spieth. Available in Senior and Junior sizes. With and without a timber floor plate and with or without transport castors.

Price from: £5,551.00
Price from: £5,551.00

Full Description

Parallel bars for training situations where FIG certification is not required. These bars are supplied with high-frequency glued plywood rails. The bars are height adjustable in 5cm increments, and the width between the bars is infinitely adjustable. Two sizes are available:

  • Senior
  • Junior

The bars are supplied without wheels as standard. If you are purchasing for a school or leisure centre where the bars will be taken to and from storage regularly, we strongly recommend you purchase the version with the integral retractable transporter system to allow them to be moved easily in and out of storage. These wheels are hidden in the base and the simple use of a foot operated lever lifts the bars and enables them to be moved easily and safely over the floor.

The bars are available with or without the timber infill to the base




Rail length (min) 3,500mm 2,800mm
Height (min) 1,200mm 1,050mm
Height (max) 1,800mm 1,650mm
Width between rails (min) 400mm 300mm
Width between rails (max) 600mm 500mm