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  1. Indoor athletics throwing walls

    Padded walls for throws training in indoor athletics training facilities

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  2. Socketed Multinet. Multi height practice net for volleyball, badminton and short tennis

    Multi-height net system spanning two badminton courts. Designed from play and practice of volleyball, badminton and short tennis.

    Price from: £783.00
  3. Socketed korfball post with basket

    Indoor competition standard korfball post. Available in two heights: regulation 3.5m for senior play and 3.0m for junior play 

    Price from: £548.00
  4. Freestanding korfball upright with basket

    Freestanding regulation height korfball post with basket suitable for indoor or outdoor use

    Price from: £953.00
  5. High jump stands with lath

    High jump stands with fibreglass lath

    Price from: £344.00
  6. Three adjacent landing area base units used to create a large landing area

    Athletics landing area base unit mats. Large safety mats with air cushioning for landing situations.

    Price from: £852.00
  7. High jump and pole vault landing areas

    Landing areas for high jump and pole vault. COMPLETE with spike-proof coveralls

    Price from: £2,144.00

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