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Socketed Multinet System

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Multi-height net system spanning two badminton courts. Designed from play and practice of volleyball, badminton and short tennis.

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NEW Product - socketed multi height net systemThe multi-purpose, multi-height, Socketed Multinet System

This multi-height net system spans the width of two badminton courts and utilises socketed badminton post sockets (the outermost sockets from two adjacent badminton courts). It enables group practice for various sports (badminton, volleyball, short tennis) as well as primary play and PE activities using an adjustable height net for games and play.

This system comprises two socketed steel posts each 2.5m high and one lightweight 13.5m long x 200mm high multi-purpose net on a polyester / kevlar headline. (depending on the space between your badminton courts, the space between the net edge and the post can vary from zero to approximately 500mm)

The posts have eight integrated net height positions with a clam cleat tensioning system to enable simple setting and tensioning of the net at any of the heights.

Eight different net heights are available - and all clearly marked on the posts:

  • Men's volleyball (2.43m)
  • Women's volleyball (2.24m)
  • Junior volleyball boys & 11+ girls (2.13m)
  • Junior volleyball girls 10 and under (1.98m)
  • Men's sitting volleyball (1.15m)
  • Women's sitting volleyball (1.05m)
  • Badminton (1.55m)
  • Short tennis (0.8m)

The above range of net heights provides ample opportunity for casual games and other play activities

PLEASE NOTE: This system requires TWO badminton post sockets (not included) on two adjacent badminton courts.