We manufacture a full range of vaulting tables, horses and accessories for vaulting.

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  1. NEW - "2020" Vaulting table

    NEW DESIGN vaulting table with brand new "EZR" finger-touch quick height adjustment system

    Price from: £2,020.00
  2. Vaulting table - FIG Approved

    Vaulting table with a sprung fibreglass body covered in genuine hide and fixed on a central column with hydraulic height adjustment

    Price from: £2,757.00
  3. SPIETH - Vaulting table "Ergojet Rio"

    Competition vaulting table - the "Ergojet Rio"

    Price from: £3,976.00
  4. The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table

    The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table from PE-Redskaber. Designed in conjunction with TeamGym UK

    Price from: £2,897.00
  5. SPIETH - Vaulting table "Pegases"

    FIG Approved competition vaulting table from SPIETH - the "Pegases"

    Price from: £3,476.00
  6. SPIETH - Vaulting table "Ergojet Club"

    Training vaulting table - "Ergojet Club"

    Price from: £3,012.00
  7. SPIETH - Vaulting table "Ergojet Junior"

    Junior training vault in the gymnastics Vaulting Table style

    Price from: £1,421.00
  8. Vaulting buck

    Traditional vaulting buck upholstered in hide

    Price from: £627.00
  9. Sprung vault trainer foam block set

    A set of coaching blocks onto which Continental's vault trainer can be attached to enable its usage at different heights or as raised areas for younger children to easily access and dismount the vault trainer

    Price from: £417.00
  10. Vaulting horse

    Traditional vaulting horse with a genuine hide cover and an integral sprung body to provide rebound assistance to the gymnast

    Price from: £1,115.00
  11. Sprung vault trainer

    The latest in vault training developed in conjunction with British Gymnastics. Powder coated steel frame with bungee springing system and upholstered foam padded top

    Price from: £569.00
  12. Foam vaulting table

    Modular foam vaulting table in three useful sections with a curved vaulting table style top covered in suedette

    Price from: £1,105.00

Items 1-12 of 23

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