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NEW - "2020" Vaulting table

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NEW DESIGN vaulting table with brand new "EZR" finger-touch quick height adjustment system

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Full Description

New DesignContinental was the first company in the world to manufacture a vaulting table with FIG certification when the equipment norms changed from vaulting horses to tables.

We have now developed our BRAND NEW DESIGN "2020 Vaulting Table" to build on our experience, feedback from coaches and gymnasts and innovations we have developed since our original designs of vaulting table.

Our new table features:

  • sturdier with a diamond base
  • lighter with a more efficient construction using less steel
  • significantly easier to lift and lower using our unqiue "EZR" finger-touch hydraulically assisted lifting and lowering system - the table can easily be raised and lowered using one hand
  • height adjustable in 50mm increments between ladies through mens and up to TeamGym heights
  • reduced friction in the EZR system using lubrication impregnated polymer flat bearings to make lifting and lowering the table virtually effortless
  • novel construction using a stable, durable steel framework embedded in a PU foam carcass
  • rear edge of the table features an impact zone to lessen the risk of injury from the gymnast falling back after under-rotated landings and striking the table 
  • additional cushioning comprising a base layer of recon foam for significant cushioning
  • middle cushoining layer of closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam that has incredibly fast rebound characteristics for extra bounce and lift for the gymnast
  • top cushioning layer of recon foam to provide a softer feel and less strain on gymnasts wrists
  • surface made from synthetic suedette with a sewn in contrasting red warning zone on the front, sides and back

The table must be anchored in place using the supplied anchoring system. It requires an anchor point in the same position as Continental's original vaulting table so the two are easily interchangeable.

The table complies with FIG norms.