From fixed and portable training aides to FIG approved pommel horses, Continental manufactures pommel horse equipment for the world's best gymnasts

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  1. Mushroom mat

    PVC covered toroidal foam mat to fit snuggly round Continental's low mushroom trainer

    Price from: £461.00
  2. Pommel horse - competition model - FIG Approved

    Approved by the FIG with a genuine hide cover and height adjustable legs. Used by the highest level of gymnasts in the UK

    Price from: £1,459.00
  3. Mushroom pommel trainer

    Pommel horse training aide

    Price from: £430.00
  4. Low mushroom pommel trainer with handles

    Low pommel mushroom trainer with detachable handles

    Price from: £534.00
  5. Pommel horse - floor model

    Identical body to Continental's FIG approved pommel horse but mounted on low level legs for training. Ideal for use with a wall or roof mounted bucket trainer.

    Price from: £1,201.00
  6. SPIETH - Floor pommel horse

    Floor model pommel horse on low level legs

    Price from: £1,928.00
  7. SPIETH - Pommel horse

    Top Competition Pommel Horse from SPIETH - FIG Approved

    Price from: £3,199.00
  8. SPIETH - Pommel bench

    Pommel bench for learning pommel exercise

    Price from: £1,864.00
  9. SPIETH - Pommel board

    Pommel board from Spieth - Ideal for learning double leg circles

    Price from: £956.00
  10. SPIETH - Junior pommel horse

    Reduced size junior training pommel horse from SPIETH

    Price from: £2,009.00
  11. Pommel handles

    Competition standard hi-grip plastic pommel handles (sold in pairs)

    Price from: £175.00
  12. SPIETH - Pommel pads

    Pommel pads. Sold in PAIRS

    Price from: £284.00
  13. Mushroom Wide

    Wide mushroom pommel trainer on a wide steel base

    Price from: £1,510.00
  14. SPIETH - Mushroom on a wooden base

    Mushroom pommel trainers. With or without pommel handle

    Price from: £657.00
  15. Pommel training aid

    Spieth - Pommel training aid. With two competition pommel handles.

    Price from: £1,173.00
  16. SPIETH - Safety padding for pommel horse

    Safety padding for the SPIETH competition pommel horse

    Price from: £699.00
  17. Transport trolleys for vaulting horse, pommel horse and bipod vaulting table

    Pair of trolleys on swivel castors to help move gymnastics equipment to and from a storeroom

    Price from: £99.00

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