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SPIETH - Junior pommel horse

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Reduced size junior training pommel horse from SPIETH

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Full Description

This reduced size pommel horse is perfect for younger gymasts to train on.

The dimensions of the standard "adult" pommel horse present the young gymnast with technical problems leading them to unnatural positions. This causes incorrect stresses and injuries.

The dimensions of this junior pommel horse are 90% of those of the standard adult horse. This smaller horse lends itself to the natural size and physique of younger gymnasts.

For example:

  • The height of the horse is lower, allowing more natural mount and dismount.
  • The handles are closer together so the gymnasts arms are at the correct angle and not over-strained
  • The distance between the pommel handles and the edge of the horse is reduced, allowing the gymnast to put a hand on the corner edge of the horse and one pommel without over-reaching.
  • The pommel handles themselves are 90% size to allow them to be used effectively by smaller hands