We offer rugby posts complete with sockets and padding - everything you need for your rugby pitches.

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  1. Aluminium rugby posts

    Aluminium rugby posts with hinged sockets

    Price from: £4,168.60
  2. Steel rugby posts

    Steel hinged rugby posts for clubs and schools. Available in a range of four heights - 7m, 10m, 11m and 13m

    Price from: £2,356.95
  3. Combination rugby posts / football goals

    Combination goals to provide football and rugby when number of pitches is limited

    Price from: £1,989.30
  4. Rugby post protectors

    Club rugby post protectors - set of 4 PVC covered foam pads with VELCRO® attachment. To suit one pair of rugby posts

    Price from: £647.90
  5. Outdoor scoreboard for football, rugby and hockey

    Outdoor scoreboard suitable for wall or post mounting. Ideal for football, rugby or hockey

    Price from: £3,031.00

5 Items

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