Steel Frames

Continental manufacture a range of steel climbing hinged climbing frames, rope frames and overhead rope trackways. We can help advise and discuss with you the best combination of options to make the most out of your gym or sports hall.

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  1. Pair of steel "Two-in-one" hinged climbing frames in blue

    The "Two-in-one" climbing frame. Steel wall hinged climbing frame - a space saving steel frame with a wide range of design options.

    Price from: £626.00
  2. Wall hinged rope frame

    Wall hinged rope frame - available with ropes or a range of alternative accessories

    Price from: £1,412.00
  3. 3 Gate Foldaway climbing frame in the T position

    Steel 3-gate Foldaway climbing frame. Our most popular primary climbing frame!

    Price from: £1,015.00
  4. Mat gate climbing frame

    The mat gate climbing frame - combined mat storage unit and climbing frame in one simple wall hinged frame

    Price from: £367.00
  5. Traverse wall panels

    A great way to brighten a dull wall at any primary school - traverse wall panels suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Sold as a set of 6. Three different designs

    Price from: £1,298.00
  6. Schelde Superstar

    An ideal climbing frame which can be installed in a sports hall - the Schelde Turnstar frame can be hoisted to leave 2m of clear space on the wall below.

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  7. Schelde Turnstar

    The electrically operated hinged climbing frame from Schelde Sports - The "Turnstar"

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  8. Movable climbing island freestanding climbing frame with accessories in place

    Set of accessories for linking and bridging activities using the Movable Climbing Island

    Price from: £1,772.00
  9. Movable Climbing Island

    The movable "Climbing Island" - a freestanding transportable climbing frame

    Price from: £4,264.00
  10. 3-Gate Mat System for Foldaway climbing frame in the T position

    Climbing frame mats to suit the Continental 3-gate Foldaway steel climbing frame

    Price from: £533.00
  11. Storage rail for climbing frame accessories

    Wall fixed rail for the storage of accessories such as ladders and poles for climbing frames

    Price from: £147.00
  12. Interchangeable handrings / trapeze for wall hinged rope-frames

    Interchangeable handrings / trapeze for wall hinged ropeframes

    Price from: £227.00

Items 1-12 of 15

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