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Traverse wall panels - Indoor/Outdoor

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A great way to brighten a dull wall at any primary school - HDPE traverse wall panels suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Sold as a set of 6. Three different designs

Price from: £1,685.00
Price from: £1,685.00

Full Description

These traverse panels are totally weatherproof and are ideal for use by primary schools both outdoors or indoors.

Manufactured from 19mm thick HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) the panels are supplied as a pack of 6, to provide three top panels and three base panels.

Each panel has 8 integral climbing holds made in a range of four different shapes and specially from moulded HDPE - these holds are comfortable for young children's hands and are not made from the same abrasive surface used for adult climbing walls.

The panels are routered to expose the contrasting colour core to the HDPE material in a range of attractive permanent designs as follows:

  • Brick wall (top and base)
  • Mountain (base) and clouds (top)
  • Bubbles (top and base)
  • Mixed pack - one of each of the above

The panels measure:

  • Width: 1,200mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Overall: With a 100mm gap between them, a set of six creates a wall 3.8m long


  • The bottom panels are fixed so their tops are 600mm above the floor which means a safety surface is not necessary.
  • The top panels are mounted so their tops are 1200mm above the floor (or can be lowered to suit smaller children depending on the target age group) 

The panels are available in the following colours. The first colour refers to the main panel colour. The second colour is the colour of the recessed image that is routered into the panel. The holds are a mixture of blue and green. If you prefer single colour holds please inform us when ordering.

Blue and white HDPE Blue and yellow HDPE Yellow and blue HDPE
Blue and white Blue and yellow Yellow and blue
Green and yellow HDPE Green and beige HDPE Beige and green HDPE
Green and yellow Green and beige Beige and green
Black and white HDPE
Black and white

Sold supply only for you to install using the supplied wall fixings, the installation is straightforward for any competent handi-person or janitor. If you would prefer your panels to be installed by Continental's in-house installation technicians, please add the optional "Traverse wall install" to your basket after you add the panels.

For the typical arrangement of the panels please click on the drawing to the right:

Traverse wall panel arrangement