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Traverse wall install

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Installation by Continental's in-house technicians of one set of 6 traverse wall panels

Price from: £213.00

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Full Description

Continental's primary traverse wall panels are easy for self-install, but should you prefer Continental to install your panels we are pleased to offer an installation service.

We can install the panels indoors or outdoors. Please ensure the space is at least 3800mm long x 1,800mm high for a standard installation of a set of 6 panels. The 1,800mm can be reduced if necessary and if larger children do not need to be accomodated.

Please add the set of 6 panels to your basket and for each set of 6 panels please add one installation charge. So if you want 12 panels to create a 7.7m long traverse wall, add 2 sets of panels and 2 install charges.

The price assumes the wall is reasonably flat (i.e. no protrusions that would need packing around) and the wall is solid - i.e. brick, block etc.

The price is shown above but an additional "Area Charge" will be added that is based on our distance from our factory. You do not have to commit to the purchase until you see that Area Charge.