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  1. Heavy duty sports hooks

    Heavy duty hooks on lacquered timber patresses for the storage of sports and PE equipment. Anti-tamper fixings

    Price from: £162.00
  2. Wall bar stage system with posture mirrors

    Wall fixed, foldable system providing wall bars for PE and staging for assembly / plays / performances. Optional posture mirrors behind the units for use in dance or drama

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  3. Portable posture mirrors

    Portable mirrors for schools, dance studios, fitness suites, personal training studios, golf coaching studios and many more uses

    Price from: £538.00
    Price from: As low as £10.00
  4. Crowd simulator for police training

    Bespoke rooms for combat training, prison staff training, police training rooms

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  5. Drama room full enclosure curtain

    Drama room blackout curtains including full enclosures

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  6. Multi grip chinning bar

    Chinning bar with different gip positions for strength training. Can be used to support a TRX suspension trainer

    Price from: £128.00
  7. Fitness suite stretch mats in black or grey

    Large soft and supportive mats for cushioning floor exercise, stretching and warm-up. In black and grey - ideal for fitness suites and activity rooms

    Price from: £184.00
  8. Vinyl studio dumbbells - 5kg

    Bright coloured wipe clean dumbbells in lighter weights for studio use

    Price from: £16.00
  9. Wall fixed single height ballet barre

    Ballet barre designed to suit Continental's posture mirrors. Single or dual height. Wall or floor fixed.

    Price from: £133.00
  10. Posture mirrors fitness suite

    Posture mirrors for dance studios, fitness suites, activity room, aerobics rooms and gymnastics training facilities

    Price from: £645.00
  11. Freestanding ballet barre

    Portable freestanding height adjustable ballet barre with lacquered solid timber 2m long barre

    Price from: £287.00
  12. Blackout curtain behind squash court

    Blackout curtains for dojos, sports halls, gyms, dance studios and activity spaces

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Items 1-12 of 47

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