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Vinyl Studio Dumbbells

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Bright coloured wipe clean dumbbells in lighter weights for studio use

Price from: £16.00
Price from: £16.00

Full Description

Vinyl Studio Dumbbells are sold in pairs and feature an anti-roll design allowing for greater functionality & convenience.

The weights are differentiated by bright, bold colours to bring out the best in your studio or home.

Each dumbbell is marked with the specific weight (kg).

The vinyl covering means the dumbbells will wipe clean

Sold in pairs, or in a set of 42 pairs, the studio dumbells are available in the following colour-coded weights:

Weight Colour
0.5kg  Sky Blue
1kg Purple
2kg Red
3kg Lime Green
4kg Yellow
5kg Blue

The set of 42 pairs is designed for your studio with the accompanying optional storage rack.

The set comprises the following pairs:

Weight Colour Quantity
0.5kg  Sky Blue 8 pairs
1kg Purple 10 pairs
2kg Red 10 pairs
3kg Lime Green 8 pairs
4kg Yellow 3 pairs
5kg Blue 3 pairs