We manufacture a range of ringframe equipment, ring trainers and accessories. Our ringframe is FIG approved and therefore suitable for all standards of gymnasts up to the top international competition level.

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  1. Ringframe - competition model - FIG Approved

    FIG approved competition standard ringframe with sprung swivels for cushioning of the rings

    Price from: £1,835.00
  2. Roof mounted height adjustable gymnastics handrings from Continental Sports Ltd

    Gymnastic rings fixed to roof structure. Adjustable from floor level to standard height

    Price from: £1,310.00
  3. Junior Gym - ringframe

    Junior Gym - mini-gymnastics apparatus designed for children up to 10 years old

    Price from: £1,003.00
  4. SPIETH - Ring frame "Berlin"

    Ringframe "Berlin" from Spieth - FIG Approved

    Price from: £5,265.00
  5. Just For Kids - Mini ring frame

    SPIETH - Mini Ring frame from the SPIETH "Just for Kids" range

    Price from: £1,643.00
  6. Ring trolley trainer

    Training aid for strengthening work and ring practice. Available in a freestanding version or a wall mounted version that attaches to wall bars.

    Price from: £766.00
  7. Ringframe auto-retractable access platform

    Platform to enable gymnasts to reach the rings without coach assistance. Auto-retracting featuring a gas strut.

    Price from: £526.00
  8. Ringframe extension straps

    Nylon straps with sewn in laminated timber hand rings to attach to the rings on a standard height ringframe to lower the rings for boys and training

    Price from: £195.00
  9. Wall bar mounted ring trainer

    Mounted onto wall bars this training aid is ideal for strengthening work and ring practice

    Price from: £453.00
  10. SPIETH - Handstand bowls

    Handstand bowls for practice of handstand on gymnastics rings (SOLD AS A PAIR)

    Price from: £266.00
  11. SPIETH - Cross position aid

    Cross position training aid for rings

    Price from: £751.00

11 Items

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