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Junior Gym - ringframe

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Junior Gym - mini-gymnastics apparatus designed for children up to 10 years old

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Junior Gym - mini gymnastics apparatus from Continental Sports Ltd

"Junior Gym" ringframe from Continental's range of training aids and fun apparatus for the younger aspiring gymnast. The "Junior Gym" range is based on a set of interchangeable components to allow the user to switch between the different items of apparatus easily and at low cost.

The rings are identical to Continental's FIG approved competition rings and are supported by two angled supports providing a slightly narrower opening (400mm rather than 500mm) for the smaller gymnast.

The rings are height adjustable in 5cm increments between 1.2m and 1.7m (floor to inside bottom of the ring)


  • two zinc plated base rails with rubber feet
  • one upright frame
  • one pair of angled zinc plated uprights with rings and straps

Junior Gym equipment specification:

  • Age limit: Not hard and fast, but we expect up to 10 years old
  • Weight limit: Approximately 7 stone but subject to coaches' discretion
  • Base rail length: 2.00m
  • Distance between uprights: 1.55m

The image shows the unit being used complete with the Junior Gym safety mat which is available as an optional extra - please see the accessories tab for details

Continental's range of Junior Gym equipment is modular so you can buy a basic element and then add components to enable you to build the different elements in the range