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Matrix Performance Series

For fitness facilities that demand the best, the Matrix Performance Series provides an unmatched portfolio of premium cardio equipment. A refined aesthetic sets your facility apart in a way that attracts exercise enthusiasts of all kinds and keeps them coming back for more.

Precision-engineered designs and rugged components are tested against the highest international standards, ready for the most intense workouts.

Ergonomically refined touchpoints like seats, handlebars, sealed buttons and smart workout controls make even long, hard workouts comfortable, convenient and intuitive.

A range of advanced features simplify and reduce service needs to minimize downtime and maximize member satisfaction.

Matrix Performance Series

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  1. Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill

    The Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill features groundbreaking design and breathtaking performance that combine for a treadmill that feels, functions and lasts unlike any other.

    Price from: £10,878.00
  2. Matrix Performance Treadmill

    With the Matrix Performance Treadmill give your members a run to remember with a treadmill that combines premium design and precision engineering.

    Price from: £7,588.00
  3. Matrix Performance Elliptical Trainer with Group Training LED console

    The premium design of the ultra-durable Matrix Performance Elliptical Trainer exceeds expectations with smooth, natural movement and streamlines service like never before.

    Price from: £4,710.00
  4. Matrix Performance Ascent Trainer with Group Training Console

    The ultra-smooth, durable design of the Matrix Performance Ascent Trainer elevates low-impact workouts with a combination of resistance and incline that exercises the whole body.

    Price from: £6,355.00
  5. Matrix Performance Climbmill

    With the Matrix Performance Climbmill discover an intense climbing experience that’s secure for members and virtually maintenance-free for you.

    Price from: £7,013.00
  6. Matrix Performance Upright Cycle

    The Matrix Performance Upright Cycle - Discover an unmatched race-inspired riding experience with an upright cycle that will go further than anything you put next to it.

    Price from: £2,859.00
  7. Matrix Performance Recumbent Cycle

    Make low-impact cardio workouts accessible to everyone with the ultra-durable Matrix Performane Recumbent Cycle.

    Price from: £2,982.00
  8. Matrix Performance Hybrid Cycle

    With the Matrix Performance Hybrid Cylce, let members experience a ride unlike any other with a hybrid cycle of unmatched durability.

    Price from: £3,106.00

8 Items

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