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Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill

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The Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill features groundbreaking design and breathtaking performance that combine for a treadmill that feels, functions and lasts unlike any other.

Price from: £10,360.00
Price from: £10,360.00

Full Description

Matrix Performance Plus TreadmillIf you want to make your facility stand out with an exceptional running experience, nothing outperforms or outlasts the Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill.

The shock-absorbing Pure Stride Cushioning System and high-efficiency Synchronous Response Drive System make even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth.

The unique Matrix belt and drive combination lasts for up to 100,000 miles with an absolute minimum of maintenance. It’s also quieter than traditional treadmills at most speeds, and quieter than competitive slat-belt treadmills with significantly less vibrations.

Sculpted ergonomic features like continuous multi-grip handlebars make every touchpoint more comfortable, and robust design details like cast-aluminum endcaps withstand intense environments and heavy use for years.

Smart features like easily removable side rails, a front-accessible component cover and built-in casters streamline maintenance and service, so your most demanding members can count on a good, hard run every time they visit your facility.


  • 157 x 61 cm / 62" x 24" running surface
  • 2.2 kW PMSM Synchronous Response Drive System
  • 20% incline
  • 25 km/h / 16 mph top speed
  • 25 cm / 10.5" step-on height
  • 227 kg / 500 lbs. max weight capacity

The Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill is available with a choice of five consoles:

Matrix Standard LED Console Matrix Group Training LED Console Matrix Premium LED Console Matrix Touch LCD Console Matrix Touch XL Console
Standard LED - easy to read simple display with large numbers Group Training LED - large easy to read LED screen with features to assist with group exercise classes Premium LED - featuring an 8,000 pixel multi-colour LED screen with WiFi connectivity Touch LCD - full colour, hi-res, WiFi enabled, 16" display including Virtual Active and other interactive sessions Touch XL LCD - full colour, hi-res, WiFi enabled, 22" display including Virtual Active and other interactive sessions