From school models through training beams to competition specification FIG approved beams, Continental manufactures a beam for your requirements.

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  1. Competition training ladies balance beam - floor model

    Ladies low training balance beam. Competition beam body on floor level feet

    Price from: £960.00
  2. Competition training ladies balance beam - 770mm (2'6") high

    Ladies competition training balance beam body on shorter fixed height 780mm legs

    Price from: £1,042.00
  3. Competition Ladies Balance Beam "SuperSoft" - FIG Approved

    Suedette covered "SuperSoft" height adjutable beam with an innovative NEW DESIGN integral shock absorption system and rubber end caps

    Price from: £1,330.00
  4. Beam plank

    Suedette upholstered, cushioned floor training beam. Ideal for practice at home

    Price from: £120.00
  5. Junior foam beam

    Junior foam beam for balancing practice. PVC cover with a suedette top surface

    Price from: £122.00
  6. Junior training beams

    Upholstered extruded aluminium body with a choice of legs and cover. Ideal for gymnastics training facilities and school usage

    Price from: £309.00
  7. Training beam

    SPIETH - Training beam "Soft" on floor level supports for training. Available in 3m or 5m lengths.

    Price from: £870.00
  8. SPIETH - Vario balance beam "Maxi"

    The "Maxi" is a wide training balance beam. 200mm wide - Double the width of a standard beam

    Price from: £3,035.00
  9. SPIETH - Vario balance beam "Club Soft"

    Adjustable height club training soft balance beam

    Price from: £2,611.00
  10. SPIETH - Competition balance beam "Soft Touch"

    NEW "Soft Touch" FIG Approved ladies beam 

    Price from: £2,435.00
  11. Multi-purpose gymnastics equipment transport trolleys from Continental Sports Ltd

    Pair of trolleys on swivel castors to help move ladies gymnastics beams to and from a storeroom

    Price from: £99.00
  12. DIY upholstery kit for competition ladies beam

    An all-in-one kit to enable you to recover a Continental ladies competition beam

    Price from: £131.00
  13. PVC dust cover for ladies balance beams

    Designed to suit all full size ladies beam bodies when in storage or when not being used

    Price from: £51.00
  14. Beam leg padding

    Padded leg protectors for competition ladies beams

    Price from: £112.00
  15. Canvas beam protection pad

    Beam protection pad - heavy, cushioning chipfoam pad with a soft, warm-to-touch canvas cover

    Price from: £141.00
  16. Beam training pad

    Padded beam cover. Additional cushioning to top surface. 1.25m or 2.5m long

    Price from: £90.00
  17. Deluxe cushioned beam pad

    Deluxe training pad for competition beam. PVC and suedette construction. Padded on top and sides.

    Price from: £115.00
  18. Padded suedette beam widener

    Padded beam cover. Widens and cushions the surface of the beam. 1.2m long

    Price from: £72.00
  19. SPIETH - Safety padding for Balance Beam "Club"

    Safety padding for SPIETH Balance Beam "Club". Sold as a pair to suit two legs on one beam

    Price from: £431.00
  20. SPIETH - beam training safety padding

    Training beam leg pads for competition beams. Sold as a pair to suit two legs on one beam

    Price from: £509.00
  21. SPIETH - Beam competition safety padding

    Beam padding for competition beams from Spieth. Sold as a pair to suit two legs on one beam

    Price from: £744.00
  22. SPIETH - beam surface enlargement

    Beam surface enlargement device from Spieth. Available in two lengths and two widths

    Price from: £314.00
  23. SPIETH - Soft beam protection pad

    Soft beam protection pad from Spieth. Available in 1m and 2m versions.

    Price from: £278.00
  24. SPIETH - MultiMat for balance beam

    The multipurpose MultiMat by Spieth

    Price from: £239.00
  25. SPIETH - rollable balance beam for training

    Rollable foam beam from Spieth

    Price from: £173.00
  26. Training beam "Foam"

    SPIETH - Foam training beam. 2.5m long

    Price from: £363.00

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