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  1. Pit foam cubes and logs

    Replacement or "top-up" foam for dismount pits for gymnastics training or trampoline parks. Priced in "blocks" of 5.28m(660 cubes)

    Price from: £1,394.66
  2. Cable ties for securing trampoline park pads

    Pack of 100 cable ties used to secure padding to the steel framework in Continental Sports' trampoline parks

    Price from: £5.50
  3. Trampoline park bed spring by Continental Sports Ltd

    Bed spring for Continental's trampoline park system

    Price from: £1.75
  4. TuffGuard practice basketball backboard padding from Continental Sports Ltd

    TuffGuard bolt-on padding to the underside and lower edges of practice basketball backboards. To suit practice size boards (1.2m x 0.9m)

    Price from: £478.00
  5. Trampoline bed spring (performance trampoline)

    Bed spring to suit a 101, 99 or 77 Series trampoline

    Price from: £3.50

5 Items

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