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Ringframe retractable access platform

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Platform to enable gymnasts to reach the rings without coach assistance. Auto-retracting featuring a gas strut.

Price from: £526.00
Price from: £526.00

Full Description

Auto-retracting, hydraulically assisted ringframe access platform to enable the gymnast to access competition height rings without the assistance of a coach.

The platform incorporates a gass strut so that as the gymnast steps off the platform to hold the rings, the platform folds back up automatically.

Available in two types:

  • Ringframe mounted - supplied with U-bolts to fix the platform directly to the uprights of a ringframe
  • Post mounted - supplied with a floor fixed post onto which the platform is fixed - this version is designed to be used with ceiling mounted handrings suspended over a pit

Ideal for rings located above a foam filled dismount pit where the coach cannot lift the gymnast up to the rings