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Posture Mirrors

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Posture mirrors for dance studios, fitness suites, activity room, aerobics rooms and gymnastics training facilities

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Continental's posture mirrors are 2m high x 1m wide. The mirrors are constructed from 6mm silvered float glass laminated to a bi-axially oriented 60 micron thick polypropylene safety film coated with clear acrylic adhesive. The mirrors are mounted onto a cushioned soft wood timber frame which is bolted to the wall. The top and bottom edges of each mirror are covered with a metal trim.

The mirrors conform with the requirements of BS EN 12600 Class 2

The mirrors are typically mounted approximately 40-50mm above any skirting. If there is no skirting, then they are typically mounted 100mm or so above the floor. This gap ensures that collisions between mechanical floor cleaning machinery and the mirrors are avoided.

Mirrors are fixed 4mm apart if there is no ballet barre and 40mm apart if ballet barre bracketry is to be accomodated.

We would strongly recommend installation of the mirrors by our in-house engineers as achieving a distortion free image across a run of mirrors is a very skillful job. The risk of others installing our mirrors, or the risk of trying to achieve a similar effect without using a cushioned framework is that you are likely to end up with an image that is distorted (e.g a "house of mirrors" effect) or the image may "jump" between the different mirror panels rather than being a smooth transition from mirror to mirror.

The price for supply and installation includes installation but is subject to a modest "Area Charge" which is applied at the checkout and depends on your location.