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Heavy duty sports hooks

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Heavy duty hooks on lacquered timber patresses for the storage of sports and PE equipment. Anti-tamper fixings

Price from: £139.00
Price from: £139.00

Full Description

These heavy duty sports hooks are perfect for sports equipment store rooms. For hanging bags of footballs, hoops, skipping ropes - and myriad other uses.

The hooks are each aluminium with a protective rubber coating and have a safe working load of up to 100kg

The hooks are fixed through the solid timber patress using anti-tamper furniture bolts. This means the load on the hook is applied to the 20mm thick solid timber board and does not rely on screws to hold the hook to the timber. This provides a significantly stronger fixing than relying on screw fixing to the wood.

The patresses are all 1350mm x 195mm and each have eight fixing holes with brass inserts to enable the patresses to be fixed to your wall. Patresses are supplied with screws and plugs to fix to solid walls. Plasterboard fixings can be used to fix to stud walls, but we stronly recommend locating studs in your wall and fixing at least two of the fixings to studs - the spacing of the fixing holes should allow more fixings to studs once one first stud is located.

Three versions of the hooks and patress are available:

  • 4 hook patress - hooks 390mm apart
  • 3 hook patress - hooks 585mm apart
  • 2 hook patress - hooks 780mm apart