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3-Gate Mat System - For steel frames

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Climbing frame mats to suit the Continental 3-gate Foldaway steel climbing frame

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A pack of mats suitable for use with the Continental steel 3-gate Foldaway climbing frame.

The pack comprises three chevron mats (one each red, blue and yellow) and two triangle mats (green).

The mats are 22mm lytamats in bright coloured pvc covers to match the climbing frame colours with VELCRO® strips to hold the mats in position.

Designed to suit all positions of the climbing frame:

3 Gate Mat System - T Position 3 Gate Mat System - Half Y Position 3 Gate Mat System - Full Y Position

Chevron mats are foldable and all mats are suitable for easy horizontal or vertical storage. The mats can be easily stored behind the folded climbing frame.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to there being an additional wheel on gate design 8:Adjustable Poles, the 3-Gate Mat System is NOT compatible with that gate.