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Storage rail for climbing frame accessories

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Wall fixed rail for the storage of accessories such as ladders and poles for climbing frames

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Full Description

This wall fixed storage rail enable the easy storage of various accessories for steel and timber climbing frames including:

  • Stabilising ladders
  • Bridging ladders
  • Poles
  • Double poles
  • Planks

Maximimum recommended length of accessories for use with this rail is 2.4m (8'). Lonking and bridging accessories for the steel 3-Gate Foldaway Climbing Frame are 2.1m (7') and for the timber 3-Gate Foldaway Climbing Frame are 2.4m (8')

The price shown includes installation by Continental Technicians to a suitable wall. At checkout an "Area Charge" will be added based on your location to cover the cost of our technicians travelling to site. You do not have to commit to your purchase until you see that amount. Only one Area Charge applies per site visit so if you order a climbing frame with an Area Charge, and this storage rail with an Area Charge, you will only have to pay one Area Charge.