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Low mushroom pommel trainer with handles

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Low pommel mushroom trainer with detachable handles

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Full Description

Low mushroom trainer supplied with two detachable pommels and with detachable leg to enable the mushroom to be used on the floor.

Covered in genuine hide for increased durability

The mushroom trainer can be used in a variety of configurations:

  • the top only - the underside of the top has a series of robust rubber buffers allowing the top to be used directly on the floor without the base of the trainer
  • on the base - four thumbscrews are used to securely attach and detach the top to the base
  • with no pommel handles - using the leather covered hi-grip surface for training
  • one centrally located pommel handle
  • two pommel handles

Also available with an optional accessory - the Mushroom Mat - to encourage good extension when training leg circles.

  • K018/38 screw on buffer in grey
  • RUBBER0065
  • £2.25
  • Pommel handles
  • 01266H01AA
  • £193.00