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Foam vaulting table

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Modular foam vaulting table in three useful sections with a curved vaulting table style top covered in suedette

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Full Description

This modular foam vaulting table incorporates a useful dual height coaching block.

The table consists of three sections:

  • a base - which can also be used as a carpet covered foam coaching block
  • an extension block - removed when using the table at women's height or added to the base when used as a coaching block for additional height
  • a top vaulting table shaped section covered in suedette.

The vaulting table is supplied with a carpet covered plywood base board to provide additional stability.

The table is full size and measures a maximum of 1376mm high (when all 3 sections are used) x 1000mm wide x 1200mm deep and the carpeted plywood stability board is 1000mm wide x 2000mm long.