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The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table

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The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table from PE-Redskaber. Designed in conjunction with TeamGym UK

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Full Description

Tarpan is a unique vaulting table designed from the ground up to be the best TeamGym vaulting table available.

Constructed with a base with monopod leg housing a gas lift system to assist with height adjustment.

The telescopic leg has an exclusive laser-engraved height adjustment scale with incremental adjustment from 140cm to 165cm for TeamGym and 110cm to 135cm for artistic gymnastics.

Tarpan has integral wheels making it easy to move back and forth in a competitive situation, or to and from the store room in a sports hall environment.

Tarpan comes complete with wheels and column protector. Also avialable is an integral lift - lower transport device with base padding - see the accessories shown to the right for information.

The Tarpan has been used at British TeamGym Championships, National TeamGym Competitions in numerous countries and European TeamGym Competitions. See the Tarpan vaulting horse in use below: