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Scoreboard / shot-clock or clock installation

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Installation of your electronic scoreboard by Continental's in-house installation engineers

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Our scoreboards, basketball shot-clocks and clocks are supplied with detailed installation instructions for self-installation, but we are pleased to offer an installation service from our in-house technicians.

We send two techicians to your facility, protect your sports floor and build a lightweight aluminium tower and fix your scoreboard to the wall.

We normally fix scoreboards between 4.5m and 5m above the floor, and normally on the side of the hall opposite the entrance so that people at the door can see how much time is elapsed. We require a suitably solid wall to which to fix the scoreboard.

We require a 13amp socket or fused spur positioned adjacent to the location of the scoreboard. We also recommend (although not essential) an isolator switch is installed at low level. We connect the scoreboard to the mains supply provided by others - we do not install long lengths of conduit or install wiring.

The price shown is the charge for our time on site. In addition an "Area Charge" will be applied at the checkout based on your distance from our factory. You do not have to commit to the purchase until you have seen that charge.